Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stop me before I code again: another Facebook application

I woke up with a brainstorm and I just had to implement it. You may remember the Five Things meme that was going around the blogosphere a while back. I thought it would be fun to have something similar on Facebook, but with a little twist: one of the things is a lie.

So, I created the Four Secrets, One Lie application which lets you post five things people don't know about you, one of which is untrue. The application randomizes the order and places them on your Facebook profile page.

To make it interesting for the visitor you can click on each secret to discover whether it's true or not.

Here's my current set of Four Secrets, One Lie:

* John is a qualified SCUBA diver.
* John is a closet Meatloaf fan.
* John plays the drums in French Meatloaf tribute band "Pain de Veau"
* John speaks French very well.
* John thinks Neve Campbell is just perfect.

I have just one more idea for a Facebook application and then I'd better stop coding these things, it's getting addictive.

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