Thursday, September 03, 2009

The world is watching, Mr Brown

As I write over 25,000 people in Great Britain have signed my Alan Turing petition. To think that I was worried about getting 500 signatures!

On Monday, the BBC posted a story about the petition and it's now gone global. My Inbox was stuffed with messages from around the world in support of the petition and expressing regret that non-Britons couldn't sign the petition.

And now the international press has picked up the story. After all, Turing was not just a British genius, he was a genius full stop. A man who deserves to be known in Britain and worldwide.

So, Mr Brown, 25,000 people in Britain (and growing by the minute) including big names such as scientist Richard Dawkins, writer Ian McEwan, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, philosopher A C Graying are backing the campaign. And now the rest of the world watches. Here's a selection of the worldwide press:

Here I have only included major press, there are many, many more articles in the specialist press.

Update More countries have now covered the story:

Update I now can't keep up with all the international press. If you are interested here's a suitable Google News search.


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