Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear PR People... Send me stuff

The other day some enterprising folks sent me a DisplayLink adapter in response to a blog post. That was a good idea, but I'm not a professional reviewer, so it's only worth sending me stuff I actually need.

Here's a list of problems I'd like solved, or gadgets I'd like to try:

1. In-ear headphones with microphone that work with the iPhone
2. Aircraft noise cancelling loud speakers for my bedroom
3. A MagLite style torch that isn't cylindrical and hence doesn't roll
4. I'd also like a torch with a part specifically made so you can hold it in your mouth
5. A device that can clone RFID cards so that I only carry one
6. A transparent, red, plastic sheath for the iPhone for nighttime use
7. A decent application that aggregates email, Twitter, RSS, ... i.e. a personal dashboard
8. A messenger-style bag that contains a white or illuminated interior so I can find stuff
9. Slip on, water-proof covers for my dress shoes
10. A cheap Ethernet interface for Arduino

Send me stuff and I'll review it.


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