Monday, December 21, 2009

Climate change skeptics / deniers pay better

I don't make any real money from my blog ads, in fact I make pennies. Until this last month when I've been writing about climate change. If I track the incoming links to my site and correlate with advertising revenue look what I find when I examine all clicks since December 1:

The top two sites there are blogs that cover climate change from a skeptical angle. The third is the general URL site StumbleUpon.

So the blogs account for $3.04 and StumbleUpon for $0.04 (all the other referrers resulted in $0.00). Wow, those climate change skeptics account for 98.7% of my ad revenue (and, by the way, a typical month for me is $0.50 in revenue). I made an additional $0.28 from people who came directly to my site.

So, thanks, climate change skeptics.

I wonder if this implies something about gullibility.


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