Friday, January 08, 2010

How I got 50,000 page views by simply being me

Today on Hacker News there's a post about a user who 'engineered' two postings that resulted in 60,000 page views. That post annoyed me because the last thing people like is to know that they've been manipulated.

The other day I blogged about being a geek with an Ikea train set and for some reason that post really captured the imagination of a certain part of the Internet.

I hadn't expected that post to be so popular, and I certainly didn't tailor it to any community. It was just me being me.

But within hours it was on the top of Hacker News, on the front page of Reddit and Wired, and being tweeted widely.

I try to make my blog genuine, if you follow it then you'll be getting a raw feed of me and that could cover all sorts of topics. On the other hand there are many blogs that pander (to varying degrees) to different communities. Part of the reason I follow very few RSS feeds is that much blog writing is vapid self-promotion.


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