Monday, September 27, 2010

Paddington Bear doesn't wear a yellow hat

In William Gibson's otherwise enjoyable Zero History there's an inexcusable inaccuracy. Gibson sets a great deal of the book in the UK and thus likes to talk about things that are unique to the UK. And because this is a William Gibson novel many of them are contemporary (such as Caffè Nero and Waterstones). To be honest the contemporary references get a bit tiring.

But he needs to watch it because he says:

... into the Waterstone's shopping bag, where he saw at least two Paddington Bear fuzzy toys, with their iconic yellow hats.

Only in the US, Mr Gibson.

Paddington is always depicted wearing a hat, but it is only yellow in the US. In the UK the hat is red or blue depending on the era and manufacturer. The only yellow hats were from the US toy of Paddington. In the UK it would be extremely rare to find a Paddington with a yellow hat.


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