Monday, January 10, 2011

How to buy signed copies of The Geek Atlas

Many people ask me about getting signed/dedicated copies of The Geek Atlas. I tried to arrange this through O'Reilly directly, but it was complicated logistically. So I'm doing it myself. If you are interested in a signed/dedicated copy of The Geek Atlas then you can buy it directly from me.

Here's the scoop:

1. You need to pay the full retail US price: $29.99; there is no shipping to pay. Paying the full price covers the cost of shipping/packaging by me. I will ship anywhere in the world.

2. If you have a specific dedication you'd like written in the book (e.g. "To Bob", or "For Alice") then enter it in the text box below before clicking Buy Now. If you don't write anything then I will simply sign the book.

3. I will sign each copy sent out. You will also receive a special stamp in the book containing the latitude and longitude of a mystery location. This is a bit of fun for people interested in tracking down what's there (of course, you can just Google it if you want).

4. Make sure the shipping address you give Paypal is correct. I will endeavour to ship out your signed/dedicated book within three working days.

To buy use the following form:

Enter desired dedication


If you enjoyed this blog post, you might enjoy my travel book for people interested in science and technology: The Geek Atlas. Signed copies of The Geek Atlas are available.


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