Saturday, February 19, 2011

GAGA-1: The lovely sound of RTTY

For the first time today I tried receiving the RTTY transmitted by GAGA-1 and decoding it using DL-FLDIGI. It worked (first time!).

To illustrate the whole set up here's a little video. The radio I'm using is a Yaesu FT-790R II which I bought second-hand on eBay. This is an old radio, but it's sturdy and can do SSB at 70cm. Although it's a portable, I managed to buy one that had never been outside and it looks like it's been treated with great care. Thanks, eBay!

The flight computer is in a loop transmitting $GAGA-1 Test Transmission using 7-bit ASCII, with two stop bits, no parity at 50 baud.

Apologies for the shaky hand and blurry video. The combination of me + the iPhone's poor camera isn't great. Just listen to that lovely RTTY sound though.


Stephen A said...

Hmmmm.... Sounds like the background noise in Luke Skywalker's den when he was cleaning up R2D2; and C3PO was taking an oil-bath ["Thank The Maker! This oil-bath will feel sooo good..."].

I'm not convinced its what he says it is. I suspect JGC has simply sampled the audio from Star Wars, and the rest of his presentation is fancy Photoshop-gadgetry. There's no such thing as a GAGA-balloon project, and this is all a sham. After-all, no one person is this talented - not evern the predigious Dr Sheldon Cooper! :)

Silmeth said...

What'se the difference between 'regular' Fldigi and DL-Fldigi?

I'm curious, my father uses Fldigi on Windows with Yeasu FT-987 (if I remember correctly) for RTTY.