Monday, April 25, 2011

How to add iPod integration to a TV the cheesy way

So, the TV in my hotel room recently had an integrated iPod dock and special controls on the remote to control it. Here's the TV:

And here's the front of the remote:

Flip it over and you've got some iPod controls:

Hey, wait a minute, doesn't the kind of look like there's an entire iPod remote control stuck inside the remote? Surely, Loewe couldn't have done that. So, I dismantled it:

What's the white thing?

Yep, that's an entire iPod remote control inside the TV remote with no electrical connection (which means that if its battery dies you are going to drive yourself mad changing the TV remote's batteries!).

Of course, on the TV side they did a better job, right?

Wait, that looks like it could just be an entire iPod dock with a metal box around it. Let's go round the back and look at the connections:

Whoa. That's just an Apple composite cable plugged into a SCART adapter into the TV. Note how they handled the unneeded USB connection :-)

So, they used three consumer components. Awesome1


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