Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to dry a CamelBak

(Originally, this was just a tweet, but so many people liked the idea I thought a more permanent home was desirable).

If you own a CamelBak then you've probably tried to dry it out after use to ensure that there's never any stale water in there (as the manufacturer recommends).  The design of CamelBak makes this a bit tricky because the plastic bag that holds the water tends to stick together making getting the last bits of water out.

I came up with a simple solution to this today: remove the plastic bag from the pack and stick a balloon whisk in it.  Be gentle, of course!

The balloon whisk keeps the bag open letting it dry.  Probably ideal if the whisk were plastic, mine wasn't.  Perhaps CamelBak should even manufacture a "drying wand" like this.

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