Thursday, April 09, 2015

"The GNU Make Book": probably more than you ever wanted to know about make

So, it's finally here. My second book, entitled The GNU Make Book and published by No Starch Press later this month (electronically it's available now). If you are a long time reader of my blog then you'll know that I've had a very long interest in GNU make and written quite a bit about it. For a while I had self-published all my articles on GNU make as a print on demand book.

The folks at No Starch Press kindly took my self-published effort and did the serious work of actually editing, organizing, indexing and generally sprucing it up. I added some articles that weren't in the old version and updated for GNU make 4.0.

And now it's here.

The book is not intended for people learning GNU make from scratch. If you need to do that go get the FSF's GNU make manual and read it. It covers all that you need to get started with GNU make.

Once you've done that you'll be ready to read mine. It's based on years of working with real makefiles, on having written a complete emulation of GNU make and having created the GNU Make Standard Library project.

It's thoroughly practical and I hope the ideas and techniques in it will prove useful to real-world makefile writers and maintainers. If you're interested there's sample chapter and Table of Contents.

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Nick Alcock said...

I cannot recommend this book enough. I bought the previous version, printed it out, and am now trying to convince myself that the updates are surely worth paying for it again :) I suspect I will succumb fairly fast.