Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The disappointing MacBook Pro

Lots of people have complained about the name; others have pointed out that there's no information about battery life; still others are wary of the benchmark numbers.

None of these things worry me at all.

What I'm upset about with this machine is that after having announced that they were switching to Intel, Apple announces a rather boring machine with some odd things missing. I'd really like to switch to an Intel Mac, if I can triple book Linux, Windows and Mac OS X on it. But...

1. iSight. I have *no* need for a built in iSight camera and it doesn't make me happy that there's no physical cover for the camera so that I *know* that it can't see me.
2. Modem. There's no modem. Cmon Apple! How cheap is a v92 modem and socket? A lot cheaper than an iSight I'd wager. Not all of us can connect all the time via Ethernet or WiFi. There are lots of hotel where dial up is the only option.
3. Why is the screen resolution lower than the current PowerBook range. OK, it's a bright display and widescreen, but 900 pixels high?
4. Europe vs. US pricing. The high-end machine is US$2,499 or Eur 2,699. 1 Eur is about US$1.20 so that US price is US$2,499 and the European price is US$3,240. So it really costs an extra US$740 to get the machine to me in Europe?

I do like the remote, I can imagine using it for presentations. The MagSafe connector is clever. I'm glad that iLife is bundled.

But overall I'm underwhelmed.

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Bill Brown said...

"If you can't fix it with duct tape, it's not broken." Of you're not going to use the camera, a little tape should do the trick. If you need to cover it only occasionally, a post-it would work.