Thursday, May 11, 2006

Interest in spam declining

Yesterday, Google released their Google Trends tool that lets you examine the trend in search terms over the last couple of years. I was able to use it to examine something I'd been suspecting for a while: the general public is losing interest in spam and spam filtering.

Here's a first graph that shows the trend in people searching for 'spam filter' (click the graph to go to the Google Trends site for more details):

A similar trend is seen when people are just searching for the term 'spam':

And all the major spam filters are showing declines in interest (I chose three here, but you'll see similar trends for any filter you ask for). POPFile is in blue, SpamBayes in orange and DSPAM in red.

'Phishing' isn't declining, but it also seems to have been fairly stable for the last year. So if you are doing a startup in the phishing world you'd better get moving.

It's time I moved on from spam, here's a trend I think I'd like to follow. My guess is that there's still some up here.

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