Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Everything should be an RSS feed

Everyday I use Mozilla Thunderbird to read mails and a variety of RSS feeds. But I find myself hopping over to various web sites for different bits of information. It's finally occurred to me that everything should be an RSS feed.

Here's what I want to be able to aggregate and display in one UI on my computer:
  1. The balance of each of my bank and credit cards accounts updated every 60 minutes
  2. The weather in various cities world-wide updated hourly
  3. The Euro/Dollar exchange rate updated daily
  4. The GPS coordinates of every member of my family updated every five minutes
  5. The number of voicemails I have waiting for me updated every five minutes
  6. Recent news items containing my name from Google News updated daily
  7. All those lovely news headlines I can't live without updated every hour
  8. The values of a variety of stocks updated every fifteen minutes
  9. My Google AdSense balance updated every day
  10. Web site statistics for my web properties updated daily
  11. All my frequent traveler miles updated daily
What distinguishes some of these things from standard RSS feeds is that they contain one item. For example, the Euro/Dollar exchange rate need only contain the latest rate (or at least I'll configure my client to show me only the latest).

Basically I want one page, that's my entire life.

Call it MyLife.com.


mtibbitts said...

I've commented on my blog, www.kangaekata.com. I absolutely agree, although I wonder if an RSS implementation would really be better than say a Yahoo Widget implementation. I have considered using SnapXT (in beta) to build this as an Ajax based engine.

Martin Tibbitts

Anonymous said...

Stocks via RSS can be found here:


AdSense via RSS is here:


baud said...

Sounds like you want plagger.


Michael said...

Why not try Opera as your browser? Built-in RSS feeds (in practically all formats), a thoroughly usable e-mail client, and now widgets...all in the same UI.