Friday, June 02, 2006

Help fight spam; win a penis enlarger

Yeah, baby! I've just updated SpamOrHam with a groovy Austin Powers related competition. If you enter your email address when helping out on SpamOrHam the system keeps track of the number of classifications that you make and the longest stretch of classifications you make that agree with the machine classification.

The person who has the longest stretch of agreement with the machine classification will win three items related to Austin Powers including the (novelty item) Austin Powers Swedish-Made Enlarger.

The competition is fun and the prizes don't have any real value (although I will ship them anywhere in the world to the winner) and all three are unopened items in their original packaging. Once things start moving I'll publish a high score table showing the top users.

(Legal stuff: me, the site, etc. are in no ways associated with Austin Powers, New Line Cinema, Mike Myers, etc., etc. and you shouldn't assume that me giving away these prizes means that any of them endorse SpamOrHam)


Justin Mason said...

hahaha -- fantastic prize!

RossA said...

Great prizes. You should have regular competitions to win some of the c*** that is constantly sent to us as spam! :)