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A simple code for entering latitude and longitude to GPS devices

This post proposes a coding system for entering any location on earth with 10m of accuracy using a 10 character code that includes features to prevent errors in entering the code. The idea is that any one could publish their location by writing something like VUF DDC F8UG . This short code could be entered into a GPS device giving you any spot on the globe. I'm calling it the SOC: Simple Orientation Code. Some example uses: I could print my company's SOC on my business cards and visitors could punch it into their car navigation system and come visit A restaurant could publish its SOC along with its phone number (after all it's the same length as a phone number so it's something people can easily grok) making the restaurant easy to find Geocachers could publish SOC trails for people hunting down caches SCUBA divers could refer to dive sites by their SOC (10m of accuracy is enough surface accuracy for most people) Here's how the code works. First you need the lat