Thursday, July 27, 2006

Badges of Honor

So after yesterday's little recursion hack I've received a few badges of honor that I'm very proud of:
  1. I've been banned from Digg and the Digg folks don't have the decency to answer my polite email asking for an explanation of my banning. At this point, I consider this to be a badge of honor: if a technical web site bans you for submitting a clever link that demonstrates a well known programming paradigm and harms no one, and the founder of the web site claims to be such a cool hax0r, then your submission revealed something very important: that site is run by fools.

  2. The reddit folks honored me with a special reddit logo for the day celebrating my never ending recursion between Digg and reddit. I'm probably violating reddit's terms of service by publishing this, but here's a copy of the logo:

  3. My story was also #1 on reddit yesterday and so I've been awarded a Golden Reddit in recognition. Cool, thanks guys!

  4. And I guess the reddit guys really liked it because they've offered me a free shirt from their store.
So, it seems like the reddit people and community have a sense of humor, and the Digg people don't. Not only did their staff ban me, but it looks like part of their community buried the story and since Digg has not feedback on when stories are buried it just magically disappeared.


kn0thing said...

Glad you liked it, I'd been trying to come up with a good way to represent your clever hack in 120x40px and it was Steve who suggested it.

Don't worry about having a copy of the logo, we love seeing all the variations posted places -- I think it's pretty clear who it belongs to ;-)

Anonymous said...

From an email exchange I've had with support:

The user submitted the same exact story twice in less then 2 minutes time. Digg users emailed us complaining that the user is spamming digg with the same story and off-topic content. It is in violation of our User Conduct

" create or submit unwanted email ("Spam") to any other Digg users
or any URL;"
" submit stories or comments linking to affiliate programs,
multi-level marketing schemes, sites/blogs repurposing existing stories
(source hops), or off-topic content;"