Friday, September 01, 2006

The hell of Dell France

Last October I started a company in France. The French government kindly supplied my details to various companies without me asking. I suspect this happened because information about companies is a public record and certain marketing-savvy companies slurped up my information and sent my 'useful' junk mail: catalogs for office equipment for example.

One of the companies that felt the sudden urge to write to me was Dell. For a while I owned Dell computers and for various reasons (mostly to do with they terrible support for small business and their weird 'you need to buy Dell racks for your gear') I stopped buying anything from them.

So as each piece of junk mail came in I would unsubscribe. Sometimes this was a phone call, sometimes a fax and sometimes it was necessary to return the item with 'Désinscription' or similar written on it.

And it worked great, except for Dell.

For 10 months I've tried to unsubscribe.

I've emailed them at [email protected] as requested. I've faxed them on 0825 004 682 as they also suggest and I've mailed them at Koba D/03-F, ZI de Chevreuil, F-60490 Ressons Sur Metz. And still their junk keeps coming.



Justin Mason said...

isn't not respecting unsubscribes, illegal under EU anti-spam law?

Luca said...

Indeed, they are aggressive, also in Italy.

It took me one fax & one letter (and about six or seven months of patience) to stop them.

After a while they tried again, via e-mail. I threatened to sue them (you can really do this in Italy, especially if you have proof that you previously sent them a letter asking them to stop bothering you) and from that moment I stopped hearing from them.

That was three years ago.


Yann said...

It is, indeed, squarely against French and Italian spam laws AND information retention laws.

And I definitely remember ticking the box saying I didn't want promotional info from Dell, when making my first and only purchase from them, 2 years ago. Yet I am still receiving tons of crap. At least 3 mails a week, in fact. The best way to ensure that I will never buy anything from Dell, ever, again.

It seems that they have slightly cleaned their act, though, with this page:
It is extremely hard to find, I had to google SubOptOut (a lucky guess) to get it. And it remains to be seen if it actually works.

If it doesn't, I am putting my lawyer on the case, because I am SERIOUSLY FED UP with that BS.