Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Slashdot effect = 3.5 * Digg effect

On Monday a post on this blog was on the front page of Slashdot and then on Tuesday the same link made it to the front page of Digg. Since my blog has Google Analytics enabled this gives me an unprecedented opportunity to measure the number of visitors from each site for the same story.

Here are the referrer stats for the period: (45,473) (13,009) (1,975) (1,197) (988) (248)

So Slashdot brought in 45,473 unique visitors and Digg 13,009. That means the posting on Slashdot was worth 3.5 times as many visitors as Digg.

There's one big question which means that the Slashdot effect might be bigger than stated here. Monday was Labor Day in the US with a lot of people taking time off. Perhaps Slashdot's readership was lower on Monday than normal meaning that the Slashdot effect is more than 3.5 the Digg effect.


Henry Cate said...

It would be interesting to know how many of the people who came in via slashdot also read digg.

If you had run first with digg I'm sure you would have gotten more from digg, and less from slashdot.

Anonymous said...

Umm, maybe its me, but I read slashdot and digg regularly and there is of course a great deal of cross posting. If I see a story on Digg I won't read it if I already saw it on slashdot. like wise with the reciprocal. so if your story appeared on slashdot first I suspect it would garner a great deal more intrest, then if it appeared on digg the next day. but perhaps this point has already been made.

JoeChongq said...

Another thing to consider is that many viewers may visit both sites. Having already been here from the Slashdot post, they didn't need to visit again from the Digg post. But with such a huge difference I suspect it had little effect.

Michael Clark said...

You also have those people who saw the mention on Slashdot and visited your site. Then on Tuesday when they saw it on Digg, they didn't visit because they already had.

Yaron said...

Wouldn't Labour Day mean that more people had time off, so could browse the web following links more freely?
I'd expect that Slashdot would have had more readers on it, which would increase the hit count, not decrease it...

The Mushroom said...

And what does it mean that you got 248 people here from :-D

Anonymous said...

All this means is that fewer diggers really give a shit about your blog.


There are more slashdot whores who don't have a life and spend all their time on slashdot during holidays.


Your story got onto digg at an off peak time.


You made up those numbers

Ryan said...

I'm not exactly sure how google analytics works. But if a unique hit was originally generated from slashdot would digg in turn not be credited for a referral from the same person the following day.

Don Spaulding II said...

It's funny to see all the people who make comments about not clicking on redundant stories that are cross-posted on Digg/Slashdot posting redundant comments on this page :-)

Reading is hard!