Monday, October 23, 2006 gets an upgrade

My 'tell me later when this web site is available' server got an upgrade today. There are three things that are officially being released:

1. There's a bookmarklet which you can drag and drop to your toolbar. Just monitor a URL with and you'll be offered the bookmark customized to your email address. (Thanks for Iain Wallace for the code).

2. There's a Firefox extension that makes using a breeze. It's on the main page: click it to install it. Once configured with your email address a simply right-click on a link you want to monitor gives the option Monitor with l8tr. Click that and starts monitoring the link. (Thanks to Barrett for the code; he gets the $50 bounty).

3.'s cache is now working. As well as checking to whether a site is available, caches the site's content and offers users both the original URL and the cached version.

In addition much has happened behind the scenes to make sure that site availability is correctly recognized.

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