Sunday, November 04, 2007

PPPv2 in Java and C

Recently, I released C and Java versions of Steve Gibson's PPP system for password generation. Steve updated the algorithm to PPPv2 which uses a different hash (SHA256 instead of SHA384) and a slightly different plain text generation algorithm (see the PPP pages for details).

I've now updated my code to PPPv2 and am releasing it here.

The C source code is available in

The Java source code is available in

The compiled Java is available in ppp.jar.

Read my original blog posts for details. All source code is released under the BSD License.


Unknown said...

great tool :D now i carry it with me
on my nokia 3220 no need to print off cards

Unknown said...

Very cool!

In order to make this *much* easier to use (yes, even with the new 64 character sequence key), it would be nice if it didn't obscure the key text as it is being entered. Simply hiding the key and noting that it was entered successfully would be just as secure as long as the app only allows the stored key to be replaced or re-entered and not edited or displayed.