Friday, November 30, 2007

Windows just likes to mess with me

I don't use Windows very much, but when I do my trusty Windows 2000 SP4 VM comes in handy (I guess now that Vista is out I should upgrade to XP). This morning I installed a big chunk of Windows updates that needed dealing with and Windows said:

Just why is the Restart Now button greyed? :-)


Jim said...

Windows likes rebooting. The default behavior on windows XP SP2 is to install updates once a week. Most of these -- especially the malware removal tool -- force a reboot.

If this happens live, you'll see a "[Reboot now] [Reboot later]" dialog, where "later" == five minutes until it asks you again. After a while, it will count down to rebooting. I have had a few problems with this:

1) lost work. If I forget and leave any documents open on Tuesday, the patches apply and reboot, losing any changes not already "auto-saved." [I found the option to *not* do reboots.]

2) my machine boots into linux because the /boot/grub/menu.lst was set up that way. No remote desktop for me!

One of the few improvements offered in Vista is an option to remind you in several hours.

Simen said...

jim: You can change this in Windows XP:

(Google for “group policy windows update”)