Monday, March 03, 2008

To the idiotic spammer posting comment spam on this site

Since your name is two Chinese characters I'm going to address you as "Dude".


Lately you've been posting comment spam on my blog for your World of Warcraft Gold. This is a little silly:

1. I'm fairly well known in anti-spam circles, did you really think I was going to let comment spam through on this site?

2. Comment moderation is turned on on this site. So your comment spam goes nowhere when I click the Discard button.

3. There has been a little some collateral damage from your World of Warcraft spamming. I accidentally killed two comments by Hypermechanic and I can't retrieve them. He/she wanted to say something useful about an old post:

You could do that like .
I guess in JAVA or .NET.


Cool I will hunt for it… This is a very sweet look app you have here. Even though you down play your role this is still brilliant.

Thank you for something new and useful.


Michael said...

And now The Dude's account is no longer available.

Marcos Toledo said...

Hi John,

I've just found out your blog and scanned through your posts. I'm amazed at the intelligence / skills you have. :-)

You've just got another blog follower. Keep it up.