Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photoshopped Iranian Missile Launch

Some time ago I wrote about my implementation of an algorithm for detecting copy/paste for doctoring photographs. Today the New York Times reports that a photograph of an Iranian missile launch appears to have been doctored.

Here's the picture:

I ran it through my code and it quickly shows up large chunks of smoke that appear to have been displaced:

Tweaking the knobs on the algorithm would probably show more smoke copying, but I don't have the free time.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

While we wait for them the finish, MooPig coveted Awards Editors would like to give John Graham-Cummings its scoop of the month award: Fraternal Order of the Penguins of Irony patch shown at the top of the page. Congratulations, nice over and above work on our order of chaos.

monte said...

Well, no doubt at all their photo was chopped. But for an authentic pic of an actual Iranian launch I offer this one...
[url=""]Flickr Source[/url]


Anonymous said...

John Graham-Cumming, thank you. I have developed a copy-move tool which can be run at Windows.

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