Thursday, October 02, 2008

Introducing The Equationater

I had an itch that needed scratching... I needed to render equations on the web and I didn't want to rely on something like MathML because of poor browser coverage.

So, I created The Equationater. Type in an equation in LaTeX format and it is instantly turned into a PNG file that you can download or link to.

Here's a quick example:

Note. The Equationater is an equal opportunity renderer... it doesn't discriminate against inequalities.


Pádraig Brady said...

Very useful, thanks.
Can you give details on what you used in the backend?

To generate a png from a mathml file, I used mathmlsvg and the gimp (or inkscape) which came as standard with my Fedora 7 distribution at least.

I was very impressed with the output,
and example of which you can see here:

Chinese gender ratio puzzle

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Additional ideas:

- generate an html snippet including ALT= text containing the TeX source.
- put the TeX source in a tEXt chunk in the PNG file.
- have an editing URL that will open up the previous equation and let you edit the TeX source. It could get the source from the PNG file you're offering on your server, or from your database if you're storing the parameters used to create the PNG files.