Thursday, May 28, 2009

Background information for reviewers of The Geek Atlas

If you are planning a review of The Geek Atlas the following resources may be useful to you:

  1. The press release and the publisher's Press Room.

  2. A short video introduction to the book that describes one of the places.

  3. The book's home page.

  4. Blog postings I've written to help introduce the book:

    1. Resources I used while writing The Geek Atlas

    2. Why I wrote The Geek Atlas

    3. The Geek Atlas is for non-geeks too

    4. Children and The Geek Atlas

    5. Some of the science inside The Geek Atlas

    6. Five places you've never heard of from The Geek Atlas

    7. Taking a look at familiar landmarks with The Geek Atlas
    8. .

  5. How to contact me.

  6. The Geek Atlas web site.

  7. An excerpt from the book.

  8. The table of contents.

  9. The book has a Twitter account: @geekatlas.

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