Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children and The Geek Atlas

An obvious question for parents who are thinking of getting The Geek Atlas is "are any of these places suitable for children?". That question is answered in the book with a little icon next to places that I think are suitable for kids.

For example, some of the great museums are really good for kids. No child should be denied a visit to London's Natural History Museum (place 061 in the book), and the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC is also wonderful (it's place 092). And everyone aged 9 or 99 needs to visit the Kennedy Space Center (place 094).

But some of the lesser known places are also really good for kids. The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland (place 072) is scientifically interesting (there are exposed cogs and a chance to talk about Archimedes' Principle) and you get a boat ride thrown in.

The Sagan Planet Walk (place 114) in Ithaca, NY takes kids on a scale tour of the solar system walking through the town learning about the planets and ends up at the Sciencenter museum which is especially good for kids.

In The Hague, Netherlands there's a museum dedicated to M C Escher which is fun for older children (that's place 029) with optical illusions everywhere.

To find out more you'll need to buy the book.

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Martijn said...

Escher, of course! I remember being fascinated by his drawings at a very young age.

(Speaking of Escher, have you ever seen this?)