Friday, May 29, 2009 launches

The Geek Atlas is not just a book, it's also a web site. Over on The Geek Atlas web site you'll find information that complements the book such as photos, videos and trip reports.

And it's intended to be a community effort. Have you been to one of the places in the book? How about uploading your pictures or video? Or write a trip report.

Did I miss a place that really should have been in the book? Jump into the forums and post about it. If I get enough ideas perhaps there'll be a second edition :-)

Has something changed about a place (such as opening hours, cost, etc.). Come tell me (and the community about it).

It's as much your web site as it is mine. Drop by

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tzink said...

I promise that if I ever visit these sites, I will post photos and tell stories.

I'm popping into Geneva this fall, I'll check out the CERN.