Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I need your help: I need iphone 3GS serial numbers

Do you own an iPhone 3GS? Would you be willing to give me its serial number?

I don't need to know who you are, what your phone number or IMEI number is, just the serial number.

"Why?", you ask.

Because I want to do an order statistics analysis of the serial number to attempt to calculate the number of iPhone 3GS models being sold.

If you click on Settings then General and then About you can find the serial number. Just email it to me. I'll publish the results later.

"How are you going to estimate the number of iPhone 3GS phones sold from serial numbers?", you cry.

Just like the Allies estimated the number of Nazi German tanks being produced.


martijn said...

Interesting idea. Do you have the actual number of such phones made, for I do wonder if 'readers of this blog' would be a random enough sample. Perhaps they're all such hipsters that they all bought their iPhones on they day they came out. Or they're such geeks, they were all visiting the Atomium in Brussels when it came out and thus all have relatively high serial numbers.

I don't have an iPhone by the way.

James Gregory said...

According to the wikipedia page you link to, someone else has already done this?