Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Faraday criticizes 'security theatre' from beyond the grave

I was reading David Knight's book Humphry Davy and at one point he describes the arrival of Davy and Faraday in France in 1813:

On arrival, Faraday reported, they were searched, an unusual experience for a true-born Englishman: 'he then felt in my pockets, my breast, my clothes, and lastly, desired to look into my shoes; after which I was permitted to pass', and could hardly help 'laughing at the ridiculous nature of their precautions'.

Lucky he doesn't have to fly anywhere.

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gatuli said...

Well, he criticizes the 'security theater' of HIS day. When a "Gentleman's" word and honor were strong enough security credentials a body check was not only unnecessary but perhaps even insulting. Could anyone claim we live in the same world?