Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Alan Turing does have surviving family

One of the objections to an apology for Alan Turing is the claim that he has no family. Clearly, Alan Turing as both a gay man and as someone who was given estrogen injections doesn't have any direct descendants.

But he does have family.

Turing had an older brother and his brother does have direct descendants. One of them wrote the following note to me:

After reading about your petition on the BBC website, I thought you'd like to know that there are members of Alan Turing's family around (although not direct descendents for obvious reasons!). He was my mother's uncle. Most of the family have not retained the name due to marriage, but my step-uncle is a Turing. My family have always remembered Alan Turing proudly.

Other people wrote to say that they know of other family members. So if Gordon Brown does decide on offering an apology there are family members who could decide to accept (or reject) it.


alannakirwan said...

Alan Turing was my Grandads cousin. Whilst my Great Grandad was away at war, Alan Turings family took in my Grandad and his two brothers. I feel very honoured to have a connection with such a great man.

CKC1113 said...

It should not matter that Alan Turing had surviving family members or not-Britain-and indeed all nations affected by Nazi aggression-owe Dr. Turing the man and his memory-not just an apology-but statues built across the world to keep his contributions to mankind alive-scholarships and Chairs funded in his honor-and a National Day of Honor named for him in countries worldwide so that people will never forget what he did to help end WWII and save millions of lives.