Monday, September 28, 2009

How to fail at journalism

During the period I was campaigning for the Alan Turing apology I was described inaccurately in the press in various ways (this stopped when I told the press how to describe me). But recently a wonderful piece of total inaccuracy has come to light in an article for the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

After a decades-long struggle, led by Turing’s friend and biographer John Graham-Cumming [...]

Wow, four major errors in one small phrase.

1. I was born years (make that years and years) after Alan Turing died. How exactly does that make me his friend?

2. I am not his biographer.

3. There was no struggle, I started an online petition and worked on it in my spare time.

4. And that decades-long struggle lasted a full... 37 days.

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MadJo said...

Journalists never let the truth get in the way of perfectly good hyperbole.