Tuesday, December 01, 2009

We should probably feel sorry for Ian 'Harry' Harris at CRU

Reading through the code and then through his HARRY_READ_ME.TXT you can see a man up against something that was slightly outside his ability. I don't mean that in a nasty way; what was needed was a professional programmer and not a professional scientist.

In the midst of the file we find the following plaintive exclamations:
Something is very poorly. It's my programming skills, isn't it.

So, once again I don't understand statistics. Quel surprise, given that 
I haven't had any training in stats in my entire life, unless you count
A-level maths.

and.. yup, my awful programming strikes again.

So, good news - but only in the sense that I've found the error. 
Bad news in that it's a further confirmation that my abilities are
short of what's required here.

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dirty dingus said...

And don't forget he's looking at something with practically no documentation other than word of mouth from colleagues and with the two primary developers (New & Mitchell) having apparently left.

I can certainly understand why he prefered to tinker instead of do the total rewrite which the project needed