Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog Greatest Hits 2009

At the start of May 2009 I added Google Analytics to and so it's easy to find out the most popular stories on my site for 2009. Here are the top 11 by page views:

  1. Just give me a simple CPU and a few I/O ports

  2. Letter to Her Majesty The Queen: Strange that this one should be so high

  3. Tonight, I'm going to write myself an Aston Martin: An entry from 2008 that's a perennial favourite

  4. Parsing HTML in Python with BeautifulSoup

  5. Double-checking Dawkins: An entry from 2007 that gets constant traffic

  6. Data Visualization Disease

  7. Hello John, it's Gordon Brown: The end of the Alan Turing petition campaign

  8. How I got 50,000 page views by simply being me

  9. What is jsHub?

  10. If you build it, they will ignore it: How I marketed The Geek Atlas

  11. In which I switch on a 30 year old computer and it just works

2 comments: said...

Hey John, that's a nice collection there, hmm , are you the guy who wrote the 2 blog entries on posterous? those 60000 PVs ? just an Idea, after analysing the way you write, very similar.

John Graham-Cumming said...

Interesting idea, but no I'm not Max Klein.