Thursday, April 15, 2010

Met Office confirms that the station errors in CRUTEM3 are incorrectly calculated

If you've been paying attention then you'll recall that in February Ilya Goz and I thought we'd found a problem with the way in which the station errors in CRUTEM3 are calculated. I'd heard via Newsnight that Ilya and I were correct, but hadn't heard anything official from the Met Office.

I emailed them yesterday to ask for an update and they replied:

We can confirm that the problem is a real one - we overestimate the station error in some situations - but the effects are minor. We are working on fixing the problem and writing up this and the other corrections to the data that are described here:

So that's official confirmation then. Neat.

I wonder if 'writing up' means that there's a paper going to be submitted on this.

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