Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project Gutenberg shines on the iPad

One more for NewsTilt.

I’m sitting on a London bus that’s making its way up Sloane Street on its way to the historic central district of Mayfair where Lords and Ladies once entertained. I glance up from reading The Picture of Dorian Gray as I pass the Cadogan Hotel where the book’s author, Oscar Wilde, was arrested in 1895.

As the bus trundles along I return to the glowing screen of an Apple iPad where, in Wilde’s story, Lord Henry Wotton is entertaining in his Mayfair home.

I obtained the copy of Dorian Gray for free using Apple’s iBooks application; Apple in turn obtained the text from an almost 40 year old project to scan books that are no longer under copyright called Project Gutenberg.

The rest.

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