Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't be ashamed to ask for business

Sales of The Geek Atlas on Amazon has been languishing a bit and I decided it was time to take some action to push them up. Although the publisher, O'Reilly, does their own marketing campaign around the book it's important for an author to do the same.

I decided to do something really simple: I added the following line to every blog post on this blog.

If you enjoyed this blog post, you might enjoy my travel book for people interested in science and technology: The Geek Atlas

It was easy to add because it's a single line change to the template for this blog. Since the blog gets quite a bit of traffic I figured this might result in sales.

To make this easy to track I did two things: the actual link to my book is going to an affiliate link and it's going through a link shortener. The affiliate link let's me see how many sales I've had, the link lets me see how many people click on the link.

And sure enough people click on the link.

And then they go on to buy:

Sure, it's only $7.28, but it's $7.28 I didn't have for zero work, and it means increased sales of my book.

The lesson is that you shouldn't be afraid to market to people. If you don't ask for business you won't get it.

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