Friday, June 25, 2010

The greatest hotel socket collection... ever

So, here I am in the ITC Royal Gardenia in Bangalore and I'm impressed. Sure the hotel is world class, the weather is fantastic, the people are great, the food is delicious, but it's the sockets that are pleasing me. Check out this socket collection in my hotel room:

From left to right you've got composite video plus stereo audio, S-video, a VGA connector and PC audio and an HDMI connector. All of these go to the TV in the room (which is a large flat screen). Bring your own video/audio device and you can plug it in.

But it's the power that impresses me most.

First, there's a 5V power socket in the form of a USB socket. It's happily recharging my iPhone right now. Next up there's a multi-country power socket supplying 220V but accepting British, Indian, European and US plug shapes. (Yes, I tried them all).

Update. Some people have asked about data networking. There was an Ethernet and a WiFi hot spot. Both with a 1Mbps net connection.


Francis Turner said...

Looks like it will also support Swiss Italian and Australian plugs as well.

You can buy power strips like that in various backstreet sorts of places in Italy (and I imagine also in other places such as India)

Michael said...

Yes, it most certainly does support Australian plugs. Many department stores and luggage shops here in Oz sell similar-shaped adapters that plug into our own uniquely-shaped sockets. In these days of multi-voltage devices I reckon they are a traveler's best friend!

BTW, John, I notice the conspicuous absence of an Apple video connection. But, I suppose you'd have an adapter for that, too. ;-)