Monday, June 14, 2010

Off to Bengaluru

So, I have to make a business trip to Bangalore and I've never been there.

Do blog readers have any tips for me?


Rajiv said...

Its raining; get your umbrella. If you want to catch up on the tech scene then you might want check out Open Coffee Club Bangalore or Headstart Network. The night life pretty much sucks; everything closes around midnight. Have a nice trip!

jimjim said...

Take care when using taxis - make sure they drop you off at the right place. When I was there last it took me 2 hours to get to my hotel, we were only 15mins away but the driver insisted on taking me to his 'cousins hotel' saying the hotel I had booked was closed and was not as good as the one he'd driven me to. After a long and mildly heated debate he finally turned around and took me back in the other direction to the correct hotel (by now we were about 45mins away from where I wanted to be) and the driver didn't look me in the eye again......needless to say he was a bit chewed off at not making his baksheesh that day.

Just a friendly warning that, as a non local, you'll be a prime target for touts and money makers, wouldn't want it to spoil your trip as India is an amazing place!