Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sun, sand, sea and... science

The kind folks at The Times let me be a guest blogger and write about a fascinating corner of England that contains what I've termed the Telecom Triangle:

Sea, sand, sun and... science. Science? With the better weather finally arriving on British shores thoughts of summer holidays aren't far from many people's thoughts. But most people are unlikely to be planning to include scientific attractions in their itinerary.

Yet there's no need to switch your brain off while taking time off this summer. The world is dotted with sites of scientific interest and many of them are worth visiting. Having spent my working life travelling and sneaking off for scientific side trips I've compiled a guide book, The Geek Atlas, for the technological traveller.

If you're staying in Britain this summer then look no further than Cornwall for three sites of outstanding scientific interest. Not far from Land's End is a telecommunications triangle of places that trace the history of long distance communications.

You can read the rest here.

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