Friday, July 02, 2010

Update to UseTheSource

Thanks for everyone who visited UseTheSource yesterday on its first day of operation. I've received lots of feedback on things you'd like to see and I've implemented almost everything. Thank you to everyone who suggested improvements or submitted beautiful code.

1. An RSS feed (and a suitable META tag to make it easy to find).

2. A favicon. Thanks to jimjim for making it.

3. Search. I've integrated Google Custom Search. It's easy to find, it's at the top of the page.

4. The ability to add code. When submitting you can choose between submitting a URL, or some text with associated code. The code will have formatting preserved and is syntax highlighted automatically. Here's an example of C and here's one of elisp.

5. There's a new 'hn' option on the user page. If your Hacker News name is the same as your UseTheSource name then set this to 'yes' and UseTheSource will make a link between the two.

Left to implement is filtering by language. This is coming. Stay tuned.

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