Thursday, July 01, 2010

UseTheSource: a sort of "Hacker News" that's about code

Yesterday on Hacker News someone called a piece of my code beautiful. It occurred to me that it would be nice to have a place where people talk about beautiful or interesting code or algorithms.

So, I've resurrected my old domain name and created UseTheSource: a place where you can read about (and submit) great source.

I've seeded it with some recent, interesting pieces (and a couple of pieces of my own code). Let's try to make it a place where people come to read about interesting software (and not the business side of software).

There's a short introduction here.


Anonymous said...

Great idea :-) I had written a post sometime back - my take on how to write beautiful code. While writing that post, I had proposed, that, in order to write beautiful code, one must be able to recognize it! I pointed to a few books and code repositories as places one could look however, I had felt the need for a place where one could look at beautiful code, a bit like a open source code gallery. This seems to fit the bill :-) Thanks for creating it!

Shimon Amit said...

You need a way to create an ecosystem where the uber-crowd are active content providers and noobs are gleaners. That's not easy. We don't want eager-ten-statements-in-one-liners telling us what beautiful code is.

EvanK said...

Great site...It would be nice to have an RSS feed though (that's how I personally keep up with HN and most other sites).

ganesh said...

Now the purpose of the site changed from whats been explained here ??!!

may be am not looking at the correct url -->

please point to the correct url.

Thank you