Friday, August 20, 2010

Keynote Speaker. What should I talk about?

So, I'm going to crowd source this one and see if there are any good topics you'd like to hear about.

I've just been invited to be a keynote speaker at one of the major technology conferences (I'd say the name but I don't want to upset the organizers until I've cleared it with them). It's on the West Coast next summer and is a conference I've attended and really respect (i.e. it's not an industry-fest were marketers talk to each other).

The topic of my talk is completely open.

So, dear readers. What should I talk about? If you think back on all the blog content what would you most like to hear more about?


Anonymous said...

Does your blog have some kind of tag cloud so I can see what topics you've blogged about?

John Graham-Cumming said...

At the moment it does not. And actually the tags that I have aren't very useful because they are too high-level.

Anonymous said...

Well you could talk about Use The Source and what your ideas are about beautiful code.

Hrishi Mittal said...

Talk about your hot air balloon project pleeeease!!! It will be way more interesting than more startup/business stuff, which too many people are talking about too much.

Matt Doar said...

Makefiles. People can never get enough of 'em. Debug a few in real-time.

Actually, Geeks Rising might be a more general topic. The change in perception of technologically able people in society. And throw in Turing's Apology?

BTW, West Coast - is that Bay Area or LA?

Anonymous said...

How about a talk comparing what people in the decade 1965-1975 thought the future of computing might be like compared with what we thing today the future might be like. How much has been realized? What was not at all anticipated? Which small things still suck? And is our decade still innovative compared to that decade?

Richard Jones said...

Yeah, I would agree: hot air balloons. Or any hidden gems from the Geek Atlas which you think people should be more aware of.

jimjim said...

I'll vote for a mention of Alan Turing too.

I also think it would be good to talk about politics and how it interacts with science and technological development - we use the latest in science and technology to uphold the law but we rarely seem to use the same knowledge and technology for deciding the laws!?

It would be nice to talk a bit about this kind of hypocrisy and the divide between scientific and political thinking.

Sorry - not the most light hearted of topics, but I think it's important to make people aware, especially when there's so much conflicting advice out there.

Dumbo said...

It's hard to make a suggestion about knowing to whom you will be talking, but in general "How can you talk about the future without talking about climate change?"

Assuming your audience contains a good proportion of programmers, how about making suggestions for getting scientists and programmers together? Maybe you could announce a web site on which scientists could ask for code, somebody would vet the requests, programmers would write and vet the code, and code would be stored for reuse?

a) Since every scientific field from astrophysics to biochemistry and liberal arts fields from ancient to little old ladies who read little old ladies' garden diaries provides evidence of climate change, such a web site would be very interesting.

2) I really can't believe I'm supposed to type a password for a real account int this form.