Friday, August 13, 2010

Recent nonsensical song lyrics

Seriously, what's the world coming to? Or at least the popular music world? Used to be that the most nonsensical lyrics came from the likes of Frank Sinatra going "doobie doo". But what about these three monstrosities?

Ke$ha in Tik Tok: pedicure on our toes. Where the hell else are you going to have a pedicure? Also, who gets up in the morning and brushes their teeth with a bottle of Jack? Just because they are not coming back. Huh? Brush your teeth properly if you're not coming back.

Alicia Keys in Empire state of mind (Part II) Broken Down: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Made of what? Or did she mean that dreams are made of? Dangling preposition as well. You can't just string clich├ęs together you know. Oh wait...

Lady Gaga in Telephone: And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh…. Huh? What she can hold the phone in one hand, but not text. Does she have a claw or something?

Look if you're going to have ridiculous lyrics at least be Meat Loaf and claim to do almost anything for love except that. Ok?

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