Monday, September 13, 2010

GAGA-1: Weight Budget

A quick tally of various components and their weights.

I need to keep the entire thing under 1kg so that the balloon I plan to use (a 1200g latex sounding balloon) can give sufficient lift for a fast ascent: 5m/s.

Capsule 200g
Camera 215g
Arduino Duemilanove 28g
Telit GSM862 34g
3.7V LiPo Battery 28g
4 AA Batteries 88g
GSM Antenna 46g
2 x GPS Antenna 40g
Lassen IQ GPS 20g

That's roughly 700g leaving me 300g for bits of wiring, a PCB for the flight computer, the radio module, and some discrete components and the rope.

Every thing about this project is a challenge: weight, extreme temperatures, dealing with the wind, a combination of radio and computer work, an autonomous camera, ...

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The Emperor of the Moon said...

If you really need to cut extra weight, you can always start stripping cases, drilling holes in things, etc.

I doubt you'll need a flash in the stratosphere.

Does the camera's case really insulate it any? It's meant to protect it against physical threats--drops, bumps in bags. You'll have it in a controlled environment.

After you remove the case, if the camera needs something to hold its components together, you can keep the camera together with some wire ties. They'll add weight, but not as much as the case would.