Thursday, September 09, 2010

Spam from Forrester Research

I received a curious email this morning:

It comes from Forrester Research (and does include an unsubscribe link). Here's the problem.

1. I've never signed up for email from Forrester

2. They made up the email address they are sending to. My actual email address is [email protected], but they decided to try [email protected] I received that mail because as the domain administrator I get sent all misdirected email. So this means that someone at Forrester decided to add me to a mailing list without knowing my email address.

That is simply wrong Forrester.

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Dustin J. Mitchell said...

In my experience, salespeople and marketers think nothing of trading email lists or adding people to lists with no previous contact.

So my guess is that Forrester, as a company, does not so much condone this practice as that it fails to adequately prevent its salesdroids from engaging in this practice. My guess is that their sales force is composed of a lot of contractors over whom they have very little control.

You're still entirely right to hold Forrester accountable, though!