Wednesday, October 06, 2010

x is down


Boo hoo.

You know what? I couldn't care in the slightest that you can't be Mayor of the coffee shop round the corner, or post an asinine and narcissistic update to your Facebook 'friends', or Tweet your breakfast, or feed your virtual flock.

I don't care because you are not paying for those services.

If you were paying for them you wouldn't be bitching on whatever social media sites are still up about the other site being down. If you were paying you'd be calling their support line, just like you do in the real world, remember?

What sort of world do you think you are living in where everything is 'meant to be' free, and at the same time provide 100% perfect service? Are you nuts? Have you not realized that you are not the customer of most of these services, you are the cannon fodder used by them to make money off your own back?

Next time your favorite waste of time is down, just shut up about it.

You are the ingredients in their Soylent Green. Shouting about that isn't something to be proud of.

PS Some commentators over at Hacker News are disappointed by this rant, hoping for greater things from me. I shall return to normal, non-ranty service shortly. This is merely an interlude. While you're here, go and read something more positive like Three Silicon Valley places Paul Graham omitted.


martijn said...

While I agree that most of these sites are mostly a waste of time, I'm not sure if I agree with those services being free implying that you have no right to complain. For most of these services you 'pay' by looking at/visiting ads, so you could argue that you are a paying customer with corresponding rights. Think of a free carpark near a mall: you 'pay' for the carpark by using the mall and I wouldn't say that you shouldn't expect anything just because it's free. The only (main) difference here is that the mall is seen as an addition to the carpark, not the other way around.

(When I say "I'm not sure if I agree" I literally mean that. I do agree that people complaining about x being down should do something useful with their lifes. But I also think that if you provide a 'free' service that still makes you money, it is not without obligations.)

jbaltz said...

Indeed. (I posted my comment about it being down on Twitter last night as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on it.)

The same argument ("it's a free service, whatcha bitchin' 'bout?") applies to the constant whining about your privacy, etc. on the sites, as well.

Anonymous said...

"You are the ingredients in their Soylent Green."

Brilliant, made my day!

RBerenguel said...

Amen, I say. I'm quite a fan of Twitter, for the great possibilities of knowing like-minded people... but usually when it is down, it is down. For Facebook, the same (I only check it once in a while, lately, and I feel 'better', should kill that account!). The only place where this (free service failure) disturbs me is in Gmail, but whatever. If I don't pay, no fuss. But if my Google Apps account for my domain shuts down, that would piss me off.


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Syed said...

i believe u 100 percent! We often forget we are using free service..

Carl said...

I agree with your post entirely. I think it's ridiculous when people complain about something like Twitter. I have a minor issue, but this made me think:

Is Facebook really "Free"? Isn't there really an implicit trade of information? Facebook is one of the largest advertisers out there at the moment, and they have all of your information. They're the best targeted ads service out there, and that's because you've given them your information. It's free in the sense that you're not paying directly for the service, but they're definitely still making money off you...

Liam Clancy (metafeather) said...

"If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you are the product being sold."

Mitchell Selfdrive said...

Is the post ironic mostly due to your day job at Causata involves processing users and their behaviour into a different flavour of Soylent Green (i.e. advertising and sales targets), or mainly because it's bitching on the internet about something unimportant: people who bitch on the internet about something unimportant? I can't decide... ;)

cryptomail said...

I agree that the ads we have to endure make us pay. HOWEVER LONG LIVE WGET AND LYNX AND TELNET AND NOSCRIPT.