Friday, November 12, 2010

Avis: how to shaft a long time customer

I'm a really long time customer of Avis and so I was pretty surprised that using my Avis Preferred number gets me a way worse deal on car rental than pretending to be an ordinary unknown customer.

I wanted to rent a car for a couple of days so I went to the web site, found a suitable car and got offered this deal:

So £71 for unlimited mileage for the two days plus the standard insurance cover and tax.

But the site wants me to log in and so I hand over my last name and Avis wizard number and the deal changes to:

So I've lost the chance to pay now for a smaller amount, the rental has gone to £106 and the unlimited mileage has been removed to be replaced with 200 free miles. But at least:

Apparently my discount is a 50% increase in the fee. Boy, thanks Avis. I've been a Preferred member since 1995 and this is my reward.


saw-lau said...

See also (from personal experience) The AA and Admiral Car Insurance (the latter also made my - anonymous - quote *cheaper* when I added my wife!).

I suspect that companies that have read Market Segmentation 101 are the same, TBH. :-( Vote with your feet, I say.

Anonymous said...

John, it looks to me as though you got an £89 discount.

The £71 price is pre-pay. Your £106 logged-in price is post-pay, so I guess you should compare that one with £195.

I often find discounts for pre-paying are better than any others with Hertz and #1 club. I guess Avis is the same.

Gelora said...

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