Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shift Run Stop

Some time ago I recorded a long interview with the fine folks at Shift Run Stop. The interview covered all sorts of topics, but focussed on Plan 28 with detours through Kinect hacking, GAGA-1, Tron and The Geek Atlas.

The podcast comes out this Thursday, but here's a sneak preview.

John Graham-Cumming from shiftrunstop on Vimeo.

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mjp said...

Hi, I just listened to your interview on Shift Run Stop. Very interesting - I will be checking out what the Geek Atlas has to say about my adopted city of San Francisco. Not much geeky round here... ;)

What you were saying about the Kinect and painting reminded me of the recent video by OK Go, where they paint over a green screen using various objects.