Monday, January 10, 2011

The ultimate nerd badge

There ought to be a special badge for nerds who have completed an agreed set of nerdy activities awarded by some central nerd committee. Here's my list:

1. Large amount of role-playing games experience: ✓

2. Memorized long sequence of digits of pi: ✓

3. Degree in computer science or similar: ✓

4. Poor choice of eye-glasses: ✓

5. Can recite large sections of WarGames or Star Wars or others: ✓

6. Amateur radio license: ✓

7. Interest in science fiction or speculative fiction: ✓

What am I missing? I haven't included specific computer experience (such as compiled your own kernel, wrote your own compiler) because there are lots of non-computer nerds.


Wayne said...

Something related to an obsession with prime numbers.

Bala said...

I think it should include:

- Some artistic interest / accomplishment

- A strikingly different angle of attack to definitive expertise in the interest area ... e.g. Mayan astronomy or Polynesian astronomy; a capella music or Throat-singing of Tuva etc.

- A contrasting mix ( mashup) of art & science & creativity ... e.g. Molecular gastronomy; re-purposing of all sorts of objects for different use

Nary ( B Narayanaswamy / New Delhi, India)

Domppa said...

An interest in earning special achievement badges, along with the desire to wear them?

LastChance said...

There is, albeit in ASCII form. Have a look at the Geek Code. A dusty remnant of the internet when it was a bit more arcane.

Francis Turner said... may be relevant?

Anonymous said...

You may find interesting. Looks like they're just getting started with the concept, so there's not too many badges yet, but I notice you can ask to receive notification when new badges are introduced, so I guess they plan to expand the line.

Punkcheekymonkey said...

I was accidently an ultimate nerd in the 1960s. All that was needed was a need for science, a sliderule, a pocket protector with pens and pencils, and eyeglasses. I still have the sliderule in case the digital world collapses inwardly upon itself. (I hope not) There are many old guys like myself, sliderules at the ready, waiting to jump in and save the world so don't worry.

Punkcheekymonkey said...

In the 1960s I was a natural Nerd. The requirements were: 1)science obsession 2) a sliderule 3)a pocket protector loaded with pens and pencils 4)spectacles. I want to re-assure everyone that should the digital world collapse upon itself, (I hope not) there are many of us ready to leap into action. I have a holster so my sliderule can attach to my belt. We are at your service and ready for action.